• Five Fabulous Reasons to Add a Pergola

    March 29, 2017 | Blog | admin1
  • Five Fabulous Reasons to Add a Pergola

    Tis the season to start thinking about the functionality of your outdoor living space and maximizing it for the next three seasons. Home shows and inspiration are around every corner this time of year too! Can you guess the number one element clients want to chat about each spring? Pergolas! They really do add a fabulous personal touch to an outdoor living space, don’t they? Let’s chat pergolas for shade and privacy and more! 

    • For most Indy families shade is the number one reason to add a pergola to their outdoor living space. Often new construction doesn’t have the benefit of fully grown tree coverage and patio spaces are in full sun. A pergola can provide much needed shade within the backyard living space and make it more functional for a family. 
    • Number two is privacy. Imagine a neighboring home placed awkwardly close to yours. A strategically placed pergola can be affective in adding a bit of privacy. 
    • Number three is a roof. Yes, we realize that pergolas don’t really have a fully enclosed roof, and you’ll get wet when it rains, but they still give you the sense of one and help create an outdoor room and a comfortable outdoor living space.
    • Further down the list as number four, that all important luxury vibe. Pergolas give the elegant flair to your outdoor living space, especially when painted or stained, with an added colorful exterior grade drapes and trim.
    • Last, but not least and coming in at number five, is a wind barrier. On a breezy evening, curtains or blinds could be pulled to create a barrier and help keep napkins on laps and beverages on the table. 

    The Allison Farms team adores bringing pergolas to life for Central Indiana families! Let’s get started on yours today.