• Landscaping Trends

    January 31, 2017 | Blog | admin1
  • 2017 Landscaping Trends

    Did you attend the Indianapolis Home Show this year? We’re you inspired as you strolled the aisles of vendors? Did you notice trends among the booths? Let’s dive into three of the biggest 2017 landscaping trends.

    Environmentally friendly and low maintenance landscaping are definitely a focus. Clients are seeking more naturescaping and natural materials, outdoor living spaces for all ages and sustainability in it all. 

    Putting the Natural in Landscaping 

    No longer are the days for high-demand for modern and synthetic. Clients are yearning more so for organic and authentic. Outdoor living enthusiasts are seeking natural materials within their outdoor living spaces. Materials like natural bluestone and travertine for pathways, use of old railroad ties for stair steps, stone boulders, native flowerbeds, water features with solar powered pumps and rustic fire pits. Also, more naturescaping with a selection of plants that grow naturally within the area or region. 

    An Outdoor Living Space for All

    Today’s families want to be able to kick back at home and enjoy living spaces. That means outdoor living spaces too. Whether a porch, patio, pergola, outdoor kitchen or pool lanai more and more families are creating gorgeous outdoor living spaces that fit the way the live and entertain and are perfect for creating memories.  

    When designing the perfect outdoor living space for your family it’s important to take into account all the age groups that will live and thrive in the space. You’ll want well thought out seating areas, privacy and shade, dining space, gathering space, relaxing space and space to play. 

    Sustainability in Landscaping

    Low maintenance landscaping with an eye on water conservation is a focus for many. The concern over the environmental impact of fertilizing and pest-control treatments is rising as well. Lawn-like alternatives are on the rise. Did you know choosing drought-resistant plants for your landscaping can drastically reduce the amount of water needed for irrigation? Consumers are considering additions like drip irrigation and rain barrels, as well, to help manage irrigation responsibly.

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